Discipline & Anti Bullying

To create community, each of us, needs all of us, and all of us, need each of us.

Middle Harbour Public School is committed to providing a safe, supportive and responsive learning environment for everyone. We teach and model the behaviours we value in our students.


Student Discipline

  • The MHPS Behaviour Code for Students (pdf 111 KB) clearly states the behaviours we expect everyone to model. 
  • The MHPS  Student Discipline Policy (pdf 304 KB) outlines the specific strategies and programs we use to foster a positive learning environment and the processes we follow when things go wrong or someone is hurt or harmed.


Responding to bullying

Middle Harbour takes strong action in response to bullying, violent, intimidating or discriminatory behaviours that cause hurt or harm to any member of the school community.

  • The Responding to Bullying Parent  Pamphlet (pdf 918 KB outlines our expectations for positive behaviours and processes for resolving conflicts fairly and respectfully. 
  • The above document has been developed from the  MHPS Anti-bullying Plan (pdf 913 KB)


If you witness bullying or your child is experiencing bullying behaviours be sure to let us know. Students and parents are encouraged to report bullying to the class teacher or Deputy Principal. You can also report incidents of bullying using the EForm on theSkoolBag app or by emailing the office middleharb-p.school@det.nsw.edu.au


Approaching the children of other parents

It is important that all parents model the school values of respect, responsibility and personal best at all times. Our students learn from the example we set and the behaviours they observe.

Under no circumstances should parents approach or chastise the child of another parent. Parents are advised not to contact the child of another parent about a school related concern, particularly if they are feeling angry, frustrated or upset. It is the school's responsibility to look into and address student welfare issues following Departmental guidelines. The school has very clear processes to ensure that issues are handled fairly and sensitively. Parents who breach this code of conduct will be sent a reminder of the Communication Guidelines (pdf 144 KB), with repeat offences potentially triggering either the Complaints Handling Policy or Inclosed Lands Act Policy (pdf 136 KB)


Supporting children to reflect when things go wrong

The school uses common processes and tools to support children in their decision making:

These are great tools that students, staff and parents can use at school, at work and for life. When we all use the same consistent approach children feel safe, more secure and supported.




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